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Spring is just around the corner and it is time for your lawn and landscape to come alive.

  1. Do some cleaning

Remove leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered over the winter.

  1. Mow early mow often

One big mistake is not mowing your yard enough.  If you let the grass grow too long and then cut it will stunt the root system so the grass will not reproduce properly.  When mowing your yard you should only cut off 1/3 of the plant height (example if grass is 6” long only cut off 2”)

  1. Apply pre-emergent and weed killer

This is important if you want a weed free lawn.  The weed killer will get rid of any existing weeds and the pre-emergent any new weeds from coming up.  Do two applications about 6-8 weeks apart.

  1. Apply fertilizer

Your lawn has been dormant for months.  Apply a balanced fertilizer that will green-up and thicken your lawn.

  1. Refresh mulch landscape beds

Once your lawn is cared for, edge out your beds, trim back dead branches on shrubs.  Refresh the mulch.  This gives a neat appearance and helps with weed control in your beds.

  1. Don’t seed at this time

It is tempting to fill in brown patches with grass seed, but if you are also applying pre-emergent and weed control the grass seed will not germinate.  Instead fertilize lawn and in a few weeks shoots will grow and fill in the brown patches.